Friday, March 4, 2011

Butterfly girlz

...a swarm is forming...
As I wrote this week and worked on my project for TEEN GIRLS, I had an epiphany (LOVE that word!)

What if I created a TEAM of girls who would be my advisors during the writing process? These girls live ON the inside. They are teens NOW! They are a wealth of knowledge that I can't pretend to have. They could contribute their thoughts and feelings and be quoted throughout the book.

Then I thought of what a ripple effect it could have as they will be the first ones processing the information and exercises within my book. They will be "trained" in a sense to carry out the confidence I hope this book provides. They could become mentors within their group of friends...within their schools...within their towns.

I will provide activities and exercises for them to get to know each other so they will become a cohesive group that will inspire each other with positivity!


So, through a large facebook following of moms from around the country, there is an amazing group of girls forming that will serve as my "butterfly girlz" for this project.

This group is still open but I will have to close it at some point so they can form close friendships with one another as we travel this road of RESPECT together.

Leave me a message with your daughter's name, age and YOUR email address if you are interested in participating in this project- you can also email the info if you would rather

So glad to have all of you to share this process with. As always, I am always open to your input!

Peace out, Mamas!

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