Saturday, May 16, 2009

Calling all MOM'S with something to SAY...

OK...Besides MoBlogMo I haven't been writing much...for no other reason than I am BUSY BUSY BUSY and have not been pulling my almost-all-nighters anymore. I am also working on something HUGE-ER THAN HUGE...but I am not giving anything away...

My blogging was typically done between midnight and 3am but I have been loving my sleep as of late and have been heading to bed with the hubby!

I do, however, have a decent following and don't want to lose you all so here is my thought...

Are you passionate about something? Is there something that irks you beyond belief? Are you tired of being looked down on for being a stay-at-home/working mom? Do you feel like an alien now that you have given birth?

If any of these topics (or anything else for that matter) struck your fancy - I want to hear from you. I am thinking about doing a weekly MOMMIES SOUND OFF post - not sure which day, yet. But I think it will be a blast.

You can toot your own horn on your own blog when what you have written is published here, you can Twitter, Facebook, whatever...I love being a guest writer and seeing my words on other blogs! Especially HERE! So, now you can, too!

Send me your comments (and your email address) and tell me what you would like to SOUND OFF on and I will contact you with what you need to do next!!

YAY! This should be FUN!


Hannah said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I'm so glad you found it. I enjoy reading your blog...always makes me laugh!

But seriously, I would love to do your kids' portraits sometime this summer. I'm looking for opportunities to build my "portfolio". Let me know if you are truly interested! :)

SubWife said...

What irks me? too much to list in one comment, but here's one question that makes ALWAYS my blood boil and takes the cake: What have you been doing all day?

Need I say more?

Theresa said...

What drives me crazy? It's not really a mommy thing. It's just a thing.

When the light turns green and it take me 10 seconds to take my foot off the break so the JA behind me is honking. Anyway, I'll get over it. I won't let it ruin my day.

Been missing you. Love T

Baby Mama said...

A penny for my thoughts right now would equal about a buck & a dime. I have been missing you too, and have A LOT to sound off on..or off. OK let me know where to start!

Anonymous said...

I'll sound off on becoming the mom of "older" kids. There is less "hands-on" need for mom--and hence mom is less 'busy' than she was when the kids were little and in primary school.
Older kids need a much more subtle and emotional mom present--but not too present, because we dare not cramp their style. As the mom of two college kids and a middle schooler, I feel the letdown for not being needed to "do" for them as much as I used to. Now, the needs are sporadic and self-centered (I guess that comes with the age). "Mom, I need money..." "Mom, do you know how to fill out this financial aid form?" "Mom, what is my social security number?" And the list goes on.
I am enjoying seeing what kinds of adults my kids are turning into, but I do miss those innocent years when there needs were more physical and their questions were more basic.

Treasure the joys of little kids. They are sorely missed in this house now!

Donna said...

All of the above and then some. But I guess the biggest is the attitudes I get from some people - even family - about being a WAHM. It's really frustrating when you don't have 100% support from your family, when they think it's just fad/stage you're going through. All I can say is UGGHH.