Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Children's Book Week ... May 11-17

Me again.

I know, you are SHOCKED!

I wanted to ramp up my plans for Children's Book Week and thought, I better do it when you are all welcoming me back so I have a decent audience whose children can benefit.

Each day for that week I will be doing something special involving a children's book. There will be videos, links, coloring pages, etc.

I am working on some fun plans for a summer art program for my community but will be putting together a packet of info so that ANYONE can run the program - it is easy and fun! More about that coming! But here is my logo:

I also will be back to MoBlogMo next week - sorry for the lapse in introductions of AMAZING MOMS...maybe I will do two next Monday so we can catch up as I have a whole SLEW of Mamas waiting to be featured! :)

I also just updated The Mom Show with a short and NOT fancy 4th episode.

Stay tuned!

And GO VOTE FOR ME HERE! I could win a spot as guest panelist on MOMVERSATION.COM!


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