Thursday, January 29, 2009

Contemplating Heaven....(& a CONTEST!)

(contest deets at the end of this post) These last two weeks have been like none other when it comes the people around me dying. Close people. Family. Friends. It's rocking my world. In the last two weeks my mom's best friend's son was murdered, the mother of a dear friend of mine choked to death while out to dinner with her husband and friends, my uncle passed away in his sleep and the "Nan" of my friend of 35 years went to be with Jesus after being placed in hospice. I believe in Heaven, I always have. There is no doubt in my mind that families are reunited, friends bathe each other in long awaited hugs and even family pets wag their way back into your life. I can't say for sure where it is. As a child, I always thought it was in the sky. I mean, that's what they tell you when you are a kid but I don't think the Bible actually tells us where those Pearly Gates are. I think that freaks some people out a little. This week I have been thinking alot about how lucky those 4 people are to be with those they have loved and lost. I have been pensive about how their pain is gone. I have also thought of those they have left behind. The tears that have been shed over these four people could overflow the ocean, I am certain of it. But at the same time, I think, most of those who wept would agree they were selfish tears. Tears of longing for one more touch, one more laugh, one more...something. I think they would all agree that they are happy their loved one is in a better place! I wonder if they wish we weren't said. Although, I am sure I will have fond memories of my days on earth, I have a hard time believing that upon my arrival in Heaven I will waste one second longing for what used to be. My poor self-image will be washed away and replaced with one that is similar to Jennifer Anniston, I am hoping! [Yep, that was a hint, God! Please?!] My poor choices and bounced checks will be G-O-N-E! I won't ever YELL again! I won't have to ever listen to the words, "Press 1 if you are an english speaking customer, and 2...." Wait...wait just ONE minute! There will be NO dishes to do? You don't think there will be, do you? I bet NO ONE changes diapers there! Do you think there is chocolate? I bet there are Chocolate trees!! I WON'T HAVE TO CLEAN MY HOUSE!!!!!! Wow! I don't know about you all....but this is sounding pretty good! NOW DON'T GO CALLING 911...I have enough SANITY left to NOT ice myself! Ewww! Just trying to throw a little humor into a string of days that has been far from humorous. Leave me some comments... What are your thoughts on the subject? Yeah. I asked. I'm not afraid to hear what other people think. If I can share MY thoughts with you, why wouldn't I respect yours? But, please remember...RESPECT is the key word there. How does all of this segue into a contest, you ask? Well, my blog is getting a bit of a it will be down for a couple hours as a magician @ Blog Togs gives it a whole NEW body! I am SOO excited! The Contest is: Answer the following questions, the first person to get them all right (or the most right) will win their choice of one of these Faith Creations, LLC baubles! (words: "MOMS ROCK!")

1. My NEW blog will have four pictures on it; they will be:

(a.) of me (b.) of my kids (c.) of my crafts

2. My NEW blog theme will be:

(a.) punk rock (b.) country (c.) scrapbook look

3. My new blog's color scheme will be:

(a.) the same/purple (b.) black and red (c.) pink, brown, blue & green

4. My new blog's title will be:

(a.) the same/My Semblance of Sanity (b.) Mommy's DONE! (c.) Don't make me pull this car over!

5. My new blog's slogan will be:

(a.) cleaning up life's little messes since 1997

(b.) Motherhood...the same old, same old but with a Mojito this time

(c.) Loving my life...but only on the even days LEAVE YOUR BEST GUESSES IN THE COMMENTS!

(Oh, The Mom Show: Episode 2/What's up with Self Esteem? will air later next week...still wrapping up some loose ends!! But, it's gonna be worth the wait! Go over to my channel and subscribe so you don't miss out!) Nighty Night!


Anonymous said...

I'm curious why her "Moms Rock" jewelry says "Mom's Rock". That apostrophe changes the whole meaning.

My Semblance of Sanity said...

The one on the left says, "Moms Rock" and the other one says, "Mom's Rock"... I assume every mom wants a BIG ROCK...and this one is it... :)it's BIG!

Tracy said...

1. pictures of you

2. scrapbook look

3. pink, brown, blue & green

4. Don't make me pull this car over!

5. cleaning up life's little messes since 1997

YOu did say guess right? hehe ...whatever it looks like I am sure it will be great! Mine blog is in surgery now awaiting a face lift too.

Anonymous said...

I agree about the tears for yourself and those left behind, and not really those that have left.

My answers/guesses:
1. (a.) hard one
2. (a.)
3. (c.) hmm, now I'm re-thinking 2 :)
4. (a.)
5. (c.)

Owain's mommy said...

My heart goes out to you and your love one who have lost someone special in their life.I know all to well what it is like to loose a loved one. It is never easy when it is someones time to go and from my own experience it is even more difficult when someone takes another life. My Uncle was brutally murdered three years ages.

I do believe in heaven and I think that is what helps me to move on. Something to look forward to when it is my time. To see all of my loved ones! Again what a moment that would be!!

Now lets get on with the contest

4.)I am going to guess A but I really like C not that A isn't good they both are!

Rachel said...

I am so sorry for the loss you've experienced recently. Sometimes it seems like when it rains, it pours.

As for Heaven... not to cast a damper on things - I believe that it takes more than "being a good person" to get there.

I believe we all have eternal life, but my Bible says that we decide where we will spend it.

I believe that accepting our forgiveness from a Father who let His son pay the ultimate price is the only way we can set foot into our amazing eternity with Him.

And all of the giftings and enjoyments we have here (as individual as they are) are just a tiny piece of what we'll experience in Heaven!

(and you bet your sweet bippy I'll be able to hear and sing then!) :)

Sorry to ramble... I am glad you shared.

Barbara said...

i am so sorry for you. you have had a rough go lately but you speak truth in saying there is a Heaven and Jesus. I think only a fool can NOT belive. I pray for you that you have good days ahead of you and all ways remember, we are not alone, Jesus is always with us in spirit.

Julie said...

Well, Michelle - first off, I'm so sorry for all of the heartaches you've had to deal with recently.

I do agree that those loved ones that we KNOW went to Heaven are not looking back missing life here on Earth. How could they? And I know any tears I've cried for those I've loved and lost have totally been selfish. It's just in our nature I think.

As for the Heaven issue - the Bible tells us that God has prepared a place for us. It also states that it is OUR choices that will lead us to Heaven (or to Hell).

I have recently been reading a book by Mark Cahill called "One Heartbeat Away" and he gives some really solid, factual information proving that there is a God, and that we can have a relationship with Him. He also gives some great tips on witnessing to others. As a matter of fact, just last night my husband and I were watching a DVD that Mark Cahill recorded at the "Pride" festival in Atlanta (I believe this was recorded in 2004), and it is so awesome to see how he engages people in coversation without coming off at "holier than thou" or anything. You can find the DVD on Mark's website (

I'd highly recommend Mark's book and/or DVD to anyone who is looking for some "proof" that God exists, and/or how to share that truth with others.

As for your contest, it's not quite 8:00am and I haven't had my caffeine fix yet, so I'm gonna have to pass for now...

Anonymous said...

Hello Michelle - it's my first time commenting here - what a poignant post.

I believe in Heaven. My mom, grandmothers and two of my dearest friends are there. I'm certain of it, and this certainty gives me great comfort when I am missing them.

Here are my answers/guesses to your questions:

1. (a) pix of you
2. (c) scrapbook look
3. (c) pink, brown, blue & green
4. (a) the same
5. (a) life's little messes

BTW, I recently dm'd you on Twitter...

manuelsmommy said...

I am SO sorry for your losses (and your friends losses). I pray that God comforts all of your hearts and minds during this very difficult time!

Now, on to more upbeat things...the contest...

My answers are..

1) B-I know you have 3 children, but perhaps a pic of the dog :)
2) C
3) C
4) C
5) A

Ugh, I remember from multiple choice tests in school that you seldom ever have the same answer 3 questions in a row, but oh well. I hope I win one of those beautiful necklaces!!! :)

Tracy said...

I have not had to deal with to much death in my life and most were old people. Except for a suicide of a friend..that one freaked me out. I have to be honest I have a big fear of losing people I love and it is a hard subject to even think about. I forgot to add that to my comments when I gave you my answers.

Heather said...

When in doubt "c!!!!!!"

1. (c.) of my crafts

2. (c.) scrapbook look

3. (c.) pink, brown, blue & green

4. (c.) Don't make me pull this car over!

5. (c.) Loving my life...but only on the even days

I believe in Heaven. I suppose it gives me hope that the people I love have somewhere happy to go and that they still get the chance to check in on us now and again.

Thinking of you as you are dealing with so much right now!


PS - Love, love, love The Mom Show!

This Crazy Thing Called Motherhood said...

1) Pictures of your kids

2) A scrapbook look

3) pink, brown, blue, and green

4) the same title

5) cleaning up life's little messes since 1997

I can't wait to see your blog's new look! :)

J... said...

1. a
2. c
3. c
4. c
5. b

Those are my guesses!

This Crazy Thing Called Motherhood said...

As for your question about the after-life:

I also believe in Heaven. I am not sure if its a paradise of the material-type things that we always tell ourselves it is....but I love the idea of chocolate trees! ;)

I do believe that you don't feel any insecurities, fears, pains, sadness, loss, etc. I debate on whether or not you have any memory of who you were on Earth. Its hard to think that I could be in Heaven and look around, notice someone I loved was not there, and still feel nothing but total joy and peace.

However, I do still tell myself that I will see my loved ones again in Heaven. I don't know if its a real recognition like "Hi Mom, you're finally here too, I've missed you" or if its more a feeling of being drawn to other souls in Heaven that held a special place in your heart on Earth.

Its hard sometimes to explain my beliefs to my daughter when so much is unclear-but the thing I try to emphasize with her is that we will be in the presence of God in Heaven, so whatever Heaven is like, it must be nice if that is where our Lord reigns. :)

Theresa said...

OK...a little bummed that I didn't get in on the contest. Serves me right for not checking you blog every free second of my day. LOL. I love the new look.

Heaven for me is going to be like the scene where Willy Wonka opens the doors to the chocolate least that's what I am hoping for.

Love T

Barbara Jacoby said...

First off, I am sorry for your losses. I've had a challenging year in that arena myself.


Lora said...

i'm sorry it took me so long to comment on this. i always read on my phone and can't comment from there.

i think heaven is very much like it was portrayed in "What Dreams May Come", the movie with Robin Williams.

I'm so sorry to hear of all this, you've been in my thoughts this past week