Thursday, January 8, 2009

The SHOW...

Alright...many of you have gone over to MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL and subscribed so you don't miss a lick of my new web show! Good for you...just remember you need to also subscribe to my blog b/c I will be announcing upcoming topics HERE so you can join in. Each topic will have a date that you must respond by if you want to be included in video and/or links. So, if you want the need to subscribe to both...wouldn't want you to miss out - it's gonna be a HOOT!'s the glitch! I keep changing my idea for a NAME! And, I keep doing SHOW OPENERS complete with TITLE TRACKS and then changing my mind. I was going to call it GABBIN' MAMA because that's what my video blogs were called, but I guess I am too used to just doesn't do it for me anymore. Then, I was going to call it LA VIDA MAMA but, I am not Spanish and when I told my husband he said, "What's 'la Vida' mean?" Come ON! Ricky Martin, for Pete's sake!! So, because I got SO many very cool prizes for my PREMIER SHOW give-a-ways, I am going to offer a GAWGEOUS BAUBLE from Faith Creations, LLC. to the person who can... NAME THAT SHOW! Here's my premise for the show... It's a show that will give MOMS of all stages and ages a place to share their lives, raise their voices, be heard and have fun. It will be a fun place to come meet other moms but also a place to give moms their moment to SHINE, to SPEAK, to be HEARD and to be SUPPORTED by those they would otherwise have no means to meet. I also want to use some of the show to celebrate all the GOOD that happens that doesn't make the nightly news. So, what do you think? What SHOW NAME encompasses ALL of that? Enter your ideas in the comments section. And remember, the 3 people who refer the MOST subscribers will win some other amazing prizes. Once I have received them all I will post photos of them. Gorgeous jewelry and artwork by famous people! YUP! REALLY! Also, maybe I should save this for the show but I just couldn't wait - go read the DREAM one of my most loyal fans had about me! I LOVED it!! Told her when she plans on dreaming about me again, to let me know - she has AMAZING dreams!! I'd like to live there.


Anonymous said...

How about big bucks for a name for the show??? :) I am tired and can't think of anything cleaver. Just wanted to say that the show is a good idea. Thanks for posting the video of the boys, for Heaven sake! I like this one too.


Deb said...

How about 3 pennies for my thoughts:

The Praise Report
Shepherd's Forum

Rachel said...

That was a cute dream.

I've been a longtime follower of your blog - but don't think I'm being remiss in not joining the video hoopla... see - I can understand much at all from them since I'm deaf and it's tough to lipread videos. So if there were some kind of synopsis it would be really cool for the odd hearing impaired fan :)

Wendy said...

How about "My S.O.S." - since your humor gives us moms the help we are crying out for. (Plus, it fits with your blog name, hee-hee!)

Deb said...

2 more pennies for my thoughts and an edit:

Take 5


Up-Rising to Up-Risings

AlaneM said...

Ok I'ma steal from a FB'er Brownlow gives the Downlow
But that prolly won't count will it?
I got nutin.

And I cannot believe you linked me...I feel I've truly arrived in the blogisphere now. *sigh*
Thanks you crazy gabbbin momma!!

DeAnn said...

How about Yo Gabba Mamma or Yo Mamma Gabba, kind of a variation on your video blogs.

Vicki said...

Ok I have a few things to say...(that sounds like I'm not happy...really I am)
1. I love the itead of a show. I have no idea what the name should be. Sorry.
2. I like to watch your videos but I can not hear them very well. I turn the volume all the way up and hold the computer to my ear. I can here it better but then I can't watch it!!! Crazy. Think you can help me out any?
3. My mama let down comes from the fact that I am with my kids 24/7. I home school my kids and I love them to pieces. We really enjoy being together time. I feel like if they are here all day they should help out. Right? Well, then I read how other Mom's clean their kids rooms and fold the clothes and put them away. All this happens though while the kids are in school. I am "in" school with my kids. I just think it's good for them to help out. Am I wrong? I'm not sure...thoughts?

Ok that's all I have for now! Hope this gives you something to talk about.

Cookie said...

How about "Mommy Talk" which is the opposite of baby talk which is what most moms get stuck doing all day :S

Jen said...

OK, Michelle, you're gonna think I'm crazy, but I just now watched the videos because I lost my headphones for my laptop and just found them! I don't like to watch videos without because my kids are all up in my space..."what'cha watchin?" "who's that?" "do we know her?" "how do you know her?" and on and on...

Anyway...So siked (psyched?) about the show! I'm doing a post about it on Tuesday!

Karla with a K said...

Ok, Michelle.
I really don't think there's anything great here. But I thought I at least should brainstorm a little and see what happens.
So here you go.

chick chat - my favorite, though I'm not sure it's so fitting here.

momspeak - kind of like moms speak, all run together.

gift of gab

mama's time out (mom's time out?)

mamas gabbin - video name in reverse

the mom zone

anyone?? anyone?? does this help anyone come up with something better....?
A great show is going to need a great name!

Karla with a K said...

ps Vicki - Yes! They should help!
But it is a lot on you to enforce it. Which is why some people just do it themselves. Sometimes I just do it myself. But usually, i'm trying to get them in the habit of doing for themselves if they are able.
Sounds like a good topic for discussion...

Karla with a K said...

I like Wendy's S.O.S.
and Alane's Brownlow Downlow.