Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Somethin' else...

Head over HERE (then click on Four Diamonds Fund, then click on 2008 Holiday Cards) to order your HOLIDAY CARDS all the while making a donation to The Four Diamonds Fund which is solely for CHILDHOOD CANCER! All the artwork on these cards was done by children being treated for cancer @ Penn State Hershey! And while you are at it....check out PENN STATE'S DANCE MARATHON. My sorority was a part of this event my senior year! It is a 48 hour dance marathon, there are teams and you get sponsors, etc. The 47th hour they bring out the kids! The cancer kids! And they dance with the team that personally sponsored them! Last year THON raised $6,615,318.04 for the kids! You can even hold a mini-thon in your community! Check it out! I feel better! JOHN DEERE may not help but YOU CAN! And this is just ONE way! I hope the 2,000 people who clicked over to here today, come back and see some options and get involved again! Thank you soooo much to all of you who wrote in to JOHN DEERE! Don't stop the momentum! Plan a Mini-Thon! Donate! Buy your holiday cards!


Anonymous said...

I have left a message on John Deers site For the larsons

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle, I do not know how to navigate a blog, but will try my best. Almost a year ago, I contacted John Deere to have them send Coleman some John Deere items while he was in the hospital in Iowa City, and they Peggy can tell you. So, now I just don't understand their stance on this. Maybe it's because of money involved. thought on this is as one door closes, another opens, so I will be concentrating on that thought, and hope we can come up with something else. But that idea was a great one!!
Kathy (Oregon)

Anonymous said...


Hello. I am a CP reader of Bay, Coleman, Julian, and many others. I know of a young girl, named Payton, from Michigan, who's is now in the hands of God, as there is no more treatment available to her. Please, I am wondering if there is a way that you could make a keepsake for her and her family, or even one that her younger sister who idolizes her can keep. Please let me know by e-mail . Payton's caringbridge page is I look forward to hearing from you. Please take the time to read about this amazing girl, and all the lives she has touched.

Stephanie Cerqua

noexcuses said...


Look what you've done! Do you not feel like you are on top of the world right now? You are absolutely amazing by just getting the word out. I'm sure that Mimi is very happy about all of this.

Congrats on the response from CURESEARCH! That's one of the other doors that has opened. The possibilities are endless!

Kudos to you and your inspiration!

bailey said...

I am soooooo bummmed about the John Deere situation... However I am sure they do get a lot of requests. Great idea with plan B.... I will do anything I can to help. And PLEASE let me know if I can be more hands on with this process. I live in Michigan but I will do whatever it takes to help. I just wish I was one of the lucky people in life who have more money than they need and are not sure what to do with it; but unfortunately I am not.

This is a call out to anyone who lives in Michigan and is following Coleman's story... Let's see what we can do as a group to help this 4 year old boy who is stronger than anyone I know. If you live in Michigan and would like to get involved please email or call me.

Brenda Bailey