Monday, November 10, 2008

Philadephia Freedom...

Saturday my 11-year old's art class went to the PHILADELPHIA MUSEUM of ART and my husband and I joined them! It has been a long time since we have done anything ALONE with our oldest. So we had a DATE DAY! It was a blast! Of course I got all GIDDY over all the art....makes my fingers itch...I imagine going home and digging out my canvasses and paints, donning my beret and slapping on some hues! Here's our day in a nutshell!
Running the steps, ROCKY STYLE! Not me, I was winded just from walking!
This painting was the very first cubist piece I had ever laid eyes on. It was the cover of my elementary school music text book. It is Picasso's The Three Musicians.
Ahhhhhh, Degas!
Rodin's Thinker and mine!
We didn't even look at the name of this one because we were laughing so hard (a TOTALLY un-cool thing to do in such a sophisticated place). We choose to refer to it as, "I SAID I DON'T WANNA HOLD THE CHICKEN!!!"
Ahhhhhh Monet!
GASP! (*reaches for oxygen*) Van Gogh!
WOAH! Modigliani! A fave!!!
Jasper Johns! Love him!
A large exhibit which was depicting a war in 11 frames...lotsa scribbling going on here! Can you almost hear what Matthew is thinking, " Well, geez, I could do that!"
Jackson Pollock!
Then the boys got their fill of guns, swords and armor...I, on the other hand, was hearing Charlie Brown's teacher...."Waa waa wa waa waa."
Shield from the MADONNA era...*smirks*
A helmet's not a helmet without a little spit-door on the side! WTH?!
I walked up to Matthew who was standing and staring at this part of the exhibit.
"Whatcha thinkin', bud?"
"Mom, they even had to make helmets for babies!" he said with a sad face.
I was shocked.
I looked at the description... and almost burst out laughing but I swallowed it!
I cleared my throat,"Honey, those are the Medeival equivalent to the athletic cup."
We had a blast and I would LIVE there if someone would let me.
I just scribbled down some ideas for a book about getting stuck in a museum after closing.


MaBunny said...

Oh I would have loved to join you at the museum. Its been sooo long since I've gone and appreciated the art. Glad you had a good time.

Kirsten said...

I'm so glad I didn't know anything about this thing until November 2nd when it was too late for me to jump on the crazy blog posting every day bandwagon, because I am always jumping on bandwagons and I don't think I could post every day. You must be exhausted! Good for you though, and good for us because we have more of you to read!

Jen said...

What a fun post! My fave was the Degas statue.

I didn't realize you lived in Philly! Have you ever had a cheese steak at Pat's and Geno's??? That is one of the things on my Bucket List!

I'm praying for our Coleman with all my might! I know you are too, but it just helps to say it "out loud" Ya know?

noexcuses said...

Yes, I checked out nablopomo when you first mentioned it. No way! Kudos to you for sticking to it and writing every day.

And yes, lucky for us to get to read you every day!

Great pics of the museum. Looks like you all had a blast!

Bekah said...

You are inspirational. Thank you for all you're doing for Coleman and his family.

Rebekah (mom of a medullo fighter, Grace)

Martha said...

Thanks for sharing the museum. I lived 25 miles from the museum for most of my life, and NEVER went there!

I love the "helmet" story

Anonymous said...

Glad to send e-mail to John Deere. Thanks for all you are doing for the Larsons. They are an inspiration to me. They have a special place in my heart, even though I have never met them!!! Blessings to you.

Julie Woodson
C.O.L.E. Team Member

Katrina O'Brien said...

Hi! I have many friends that know Coleman and Team Larson, so I have been praying for you all for a while now. I received this email to send a note to John Deere, so I did so. Just wanted to let you know!

Your Team Larson has truly touched my life, I cry when I read the blogs and I cried when I watched youtube. You appear to be an amazing family and you are blessing me, as well as everyone that is touched by your story, by your amazing faith and fun-loving spirit. God bless you always!!

Katrina O'Brien
Fort Dodge, IA