Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cheerleading and Deer Peeing...Really?

Happy November, faithful followers! This is the view out of the front door of my house! LOVE IT! Pennsylvania has welcomed fall's warm palette with open arms and so have I! I love it! Yes, the girl who would LIVE on the beach year-round admits, she loves the changing of the leaves...not-so-much the falling, but the changing...ahh the colors!
While most of you were out scouring your town for sugar and bypassing the houses that give out raisins and popcorn balls, I was trying to get three kids to sleep in a double bed in Hamburg, PA.
We were staying over only 40 minutes from home because we had to be up bright and early so we could chant... LET'S GET FIRED UP! (clap, clap, clapclap, clap) That's right. The Berks County 2008 Youth Cheer Competition! READY? OK!
I was a cheerleader...for a VERY long time! I was one of those girls with the forever ponytail, forever spirit fingers and a forever tilted head and open mouth grin! I clapped a lot, too! So, this was just WAY TOO COOL for me! My daughter (my ONLY one) was following in my footsteps wearing RAIDER GREEN AND WHITE! Yes, even though we have moved around since getting married, we have settled in MY HOME TOWN! My children go to MY school!
Here's my girl after the competition! Yes, I cried! Of course I cried! I cheered and chanted and looked like an almost-forty-40 lbs-too-heavy-cheerleader-mom!
Now, what did the boys do, you ask? My 11 and 3 year old and my husband (all boys) bit the bullet and cheered along. Although my husband played the part well, I saw him raising an eyebrow at the dads with the "CHEER DAD" shirts. Oh, and I think I saw an all out eye-roll when the dad dressed in full cheer gear pranced by. If he knew what it meant, I think he would have said, "WTF?"
How do you get 3 boys/men to spend a gorgeous fall Saturday in a crowded, sweaty, loud, make-up-smeared-ponytail-flipping middle school gym? With a trip to Cabela's the night before, of course. This be-kind-to-animals woman and her girly-girl patiently walked through the ZOO of DEATH inside the walls of this Hunter's Paradise. The boys oooohhed and aaaahhed at the "big game" and the "big racks" (not a lot of women in this store so I am pretty sure they were talking about the elk).
We ate in the restuarant where this vegetarian wannabe searched a menu of braised elk and broiled ostrich to find something that would not seem cruel to eat while being gazed upon by the
many DEAD EYES that surrounded our picnic in the woods. I had a BLT...yes, I know the B is for bacon. And yes, pigs are the reason I originally became a vegetarian...but there were no pigs watching farm animals at Cabela's. Lame. I know.
Then we headed to the archery section. Joy. Love the smell of urine on a full stomach. You can actually walk through the aisles of the hunting section and smell the pee that is in the potions that hunters use to attract their prey. Gross.
My daughter and I giggled at one of these potions...called "C'Mere Deer!" Are you kidding me? Only a man.
When I was searching the internet for the image of "C'Mere Deer" I landed on a message board where one hunter, let's call him Chuck, spoke highly of another method of getting the deer's attention. He "couldn't say nothin' bad 'bout BUCK BOMB!" Yes. MY curiousity got the best of me and I had to Google it! You would. You know you would.
I read the fine print on the website... I kid you NOT! It said this...
Available: Doe Pee, Curiosity Scent, Dominant Buck, Doe Estrus.
And look at the label, it is 100% PURE...urine, that is. Yuk!
OOOhhhhhh....and.....I almost forgot the sign. Saturday at 1...Flashlight Clinic...Stop in our Camping Department today as they will demonstrate our full line of flashlights. From small to large, we will cover them all!
Aw shucks. Cheerleading calls fellas. Won't be back tomorrow. Have fun with that.
I'd rather spend my Saturday with these
instead of these!
I have joined NaBloPoMo this year and I am excited!
NaBloPoMo stands for National Blog Post Month! 30 days, 30 posts! YEEHAA! I may NEVER sleep!


Patti said...

Ohhhhh, my goodness! Go E! Those new uniforms and pom poms are adorable. At first I was shocked they had changed...and then I realized we were cheerleaders uh, a,, a LOT of years ago! That looked lik so much fun!!!!

Anonymous said...

Go Emilyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!! You Rock.
An Admirer

Jenn said...

Just out of curiosity do you live close to Lehigh Carbon Community College? I will be attending school there in January to become a OT. I will be commuting from Binghamton NY each day! But Hamburg looks to be in the area as the school.

Congrats on getting threw Cabelas I have a hunter that would live there if he could.

MaBunny said...

Yay for your daughter! She sureis a cutie! And deer pee? lets just give a bigYUCK on that one...