Thursday, August 13, 2009


There he is! He was featured on Mommy Blogger Monday a few months back and has created a bit of a FAN CLUB for himself! . Now, as if that handsome gaze wasn't enough... He is a cop... He is on the SWAT TEAM... He is a foster/adoptive dad... He is a Christian... AND.....AND.... And now he is riding a BILLION miles on a bike for CANCER! If you have been touched by cancer in some way, please consider supporting Todd on his ride! CLICK HERE TO DONATE TO TODD'S LIVESTRONG RIDE! If you can't donate - PLEASE just pass along this link so others can show their support for this great guy making a difference in the lives of so many touched by the beast we know as CANCER! CANCER SUCKS!

If cancer hadn't stolen them from us, you could ask some of my friends what they think of CANCER:






. John Eric . Cole . Andrew . Max . Katie . Jessica PLEASE HELP! Won't you?!

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