Monday, August 31, 2009

My Back-to-School Resolutions...

I don't know about you, but when the school bus pulls away that first day of school, although I am sad to see the kids go back, I often liken it to New Year's Day.

Today 2/3 of my brood left on that big yellow bus. Tomorrow the last 1/3 heads off, too.

It's a new chapter. A time for goals to reset (or be thrown under the bus). And I finally find myself re-connecting with ME!

"Well, hello there!"

"Hey. Wow. It's been a long time."

"Yeah. So, how are you?"

"Hangin' in but MAN, you look like DEATH! Did you sleep AT ALL this summer?"


"So, what's your plan of attack today? Where are you going to start? What are you going to clean? Which closet will get organized first?"

"Are you nuts? This is my plan of attack..."

* Drink my coffee while it is still hot!

*Sit still for longer than 3.7 seconds!

*Start a cleaning project and actually FINISH IT!

*Watch finished cleaning project STAY finished for the WHOLE freaking day!

*Use the bathroom ANYTIME I want instead of crossing my legs until naptime!

*Read while using the bathroom...and what I read will not include the words, MONSTER TRUCKS, LIGHTENING McQUEEN or EVERYBODY POOPS!

*Talk on the phone with my feet up instead of making skid marks with my shoes as I chase an uncontrollable child running with scissors around the kitchen and flagrantly saying, "uh huh" and "Ohhh" when I really have no idea WHAT the person on the other end is talking about...who am I kidding, I am usually so distracted once the phone is on my ear, I don't even know WHO is on the other end.

*Take care of myself! This will include morning devotions and some time with God, a long walk (without a trike with a flat tire being dragged behind me) or exercise tape (it will be nice not to kick a small child in the head while doing Tae Bo), eating right and not just stale PB&J crusts and the squishy grapes no one wanted.

It's going to be a good year! I PROMISE MYSELF!

Bus is pulling up. Time to see how their day went! And they get a fully-refreshed, showered, pleasant, relaxed, focussed mom!

What will YOU resolve this school year?



MaBunny said...

Glad you finally had some 'you' time !!
Hope the kiddos had a great first day of school!

Kim Wheedleton said...

You are too funny, my friend! My resolution is to get back to writing. And to work out every morning before the bus comes. (Waiting until after the kiddos went off to school didn't work out so well last year, but oy! Five AM comes SO early...)

Julie said...

I still have a couple more years before I can have days like that....but they'll come soon enough.

Tales From the Land of Motherhood said...

Oh this is so true! I love it. My kiddo's started back last Monday and I have enjoyed the sounds of no fighting! Yeah for me!!!

jewpublic club said...

i can't imagine just having the baby at home, enjoy your you time!

Kim said...

My daughter goes back to school Monday. She's been off for 2 weeks already (the joy of year-round!). My plan is to actually get some work done & enjoy myself w/o hearing "Mom, I'm hungry." every 15 minutes. I can't wait!

Janet Oberholtzer said...

I will finish my book! Yes, Yes, I will! Hopefully ... this year sometime :)

Kirsten said...

I always feel exactly the same way when school starts. To me Fall is much more of a fresh start than Spring ever is. I plan on accomplishing A LOT, all while enjoying crisp fall air and crunchy leaves under my feet.

Farmer*swife said...

GASP! I'm two weeks in and so far my resolution has been "just make it through 1st grade and 2nd grade homework, memory verses, spelling tests, double vocab, gymnastics and karate..."

I'm working on the other stuff; that's for week three.


IceMama said...

My resolution is to work out again in the mornings and stay on top of the 8th grade assignments via the TVSD website and School Book accesss!
Great post, Michelle...come visit my blog sometime.

Kelly said...


You are too funny, mama! "Everybody Poops" has been my one friend's favorite book for years, LOL! I wish that I could say she discovered it AFTER she had kids...haha.

Your little darlins are too sweet in this photo! LOVE the outfits! Very well-dressed! Happy back to school!