Thursday, June 18, 2009

School Artwork Part 2

Alrighty, it's abouttime to follow up on the School Artwork assignment. I think I have given you ample time to complete step one. If you haven't or you need a refresher, check out the first School Artwork post.

Now you have your pieces chosen, you may have 10, you may have 20 or 30...any number is fine. The more pieces you have the more work but all the more beautiful in the end, too.

Find a well-lit hallway in your house or an exterior wall lit by sunlight, grab your camera, a roll of tape (painters' tape works the best but any scotch-type tape will work) and your stack of artwork and get ready to capture your child's creative history.

Place a small amount of tape at the top and the bottom of the artwork and adhere it to the wall at eye level. Make sure it is straight. Grab your camera and start clicking...fill the frame evenly with each piece and take a couple photos of each.

Load the photos on your computer and choose the best ones.

Hints for choosing photos:

straight, clear, glare-free

I will give you a couple days to complete assignment 2...check back (or subscribe) to make sure you don't miss Assignment 3...the FINAL assignment.

Have fun!

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cleon dann said...

i love creative things... and creative arts are one of them...

cleon dann