Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So sorry, summer has kept me from my regular Mommy Blogger Monday feature! I know you all enjoy it so I am going to slip it in today instead of skipping the whole week. Put your hands together for... Hally!
Name: Hally

Your city/state: San Jose,CA

Hey Hally, thanks for being here! Let's start with the question every mom asks within 5 minutes of meeting another many children do you have?

2 boys, ages 3 and almost 1.

I'm pretty sure her youngest is 1 by has taken me a whilt to work down the list, she's been waiting a while to be featured....thanks for your patience, Hally!

So, you are an avid Semblance commenter so you must spend time blog-hopping. Share the scoop! What is your favorite blog?

Besides 'Semblance'?!?! :) [awwwww, thanks! *blushes*] Okay...I'm a blog fanatic, but here are my top 5 that I check daily in RANDOM order. ( in addition to Semblance)

*Because I Said So - she's on my list, too! She's my BFF Dawn! :)

*Adventures of Super Mommy & Spit Up Boy - can't find it...?

*Green Lite Bites - YUUUUUM!

*My Plum Pudding - OK....I went here, you have to check out THIS POST! You SOOOO know I am trying this!!!!

*Dalai Mama Dishes - I'm thinking Hally loves to cook!

OK...enough chit chat! Let's get to know YOU, Hally! This will be fun! Refill your latte and let's go, Mama! In 100 words or less, tell me your best MOM memory.

Oooohhhhh. A toughone right off the bat. I love the way my boys love each other. I'd have to say, that one that takes the cake so far is when my 3 yr old met his baby brother in the hospital. My toddler came running into the room and literally skidded to a stop in his sneakers. You could see the gears of his brain clanking around. Then he crawled into the bed with me and the baby and began tracing all the babies tiny features. I looked up at my hubby and to this day I will still swear that I actually felt my heart grow bigger.

OK....tears....that is beautful! Hey, gang, now we KNOW why she writes....could you SEE that scene? I could! Thanks for sharing that! I love it!

Your biggest life lesson?

Don't sweat the small stuff, there isn't time. And it just isn't worth it.

AMEN, Sistah!

Your most embarrassing moment?

They happen daily, but the latest is showing my toddler how cool his mom is that she can ride his scooter. And went toes over tea kettle over the handle bars in the middle of the park play area...husband is still bummed that he didn't have the video camera to send it to AFV.

Sorry, but I am giggling! WITH AT you! *smirks*

What is the dorkiest thing about you?

I check out kids' books at the library and read them and LIKE it. :)

Ummmmmmm, and this makes you a DORK? Really? Cuz, I don't know, I think it makes you FREAKING COOL! But, that's just know, me....the (wanna-be) CHILDREN'S AUTHOR! :)

What do you wish for?

Whirled Peas. no...okay...seriously, for my boys to grow up and be their father's biggest joy.

Oooo Oooo Oooo...there's a really FUN book about PEAS...have you all read it? It's by Amy Krouse Rosenthal...

Little Pea! Check it out! It is darling!

What do you hate?

Ignorance and people who preach/soapbox about topics without firsthand knowledge then get the attention because they are famous or rich or related to someone who is famous or rich.

OOOooooo that's a GOOD reponse! I like it! I get on a soapbox from time to time but I am not rich or famous OR related to anyone like that, so is it OK when I do it, Hally?!

If your spouse would agree to let you go on a date with ONE celeb…you would pick.....

Harrison Ford. Mike Rowe. And chick crush on J.K.Rowling. [tee hee, first chick crush answer! Yay, you!]

Your greatest achievement is...

My boys and letting them see a healthymarriage that includes hubby and I hugging and kissing anddisagreeing/making up and laughing in front of them. :)

WONDERFUL ANSWER!!! Could we all link to this answer and maybe most of AMERICA would GET A FREAKING CLUE about what's important??!

Oops...was that considered a soap box?

Anything whacky about you? Any weird phobias?

Yes...birds as pets...birds that swoop and eat your lunch...birds that talk...but ironically I like eagles and birds of prey that eat rodents.

So, it would be wrong to send you a singing birthday BIRD on your birthday? Right? Crap. I will have to cancel that one!

If you could speak one sentence for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Thank you.

What do you always hope people see on YOUR inside?

A sincere love for my family and a gracious heart that helps friends ANY time of day or night.

Hally, it has been a PLEASURE meeting you and chatting over a latte in our jammies...what? You're NOT in your jammies? Oh. Oops.

Well, I welcome your comments here on Semblance are a loyal fan and an awesome person! Thanks for stopping by as often as you do! :)

Thanks for joining us, once again, for MoBlogMo! It's always a blast!



Hally said...

I'm all giggly and blushing about it! I TOTALLY feel like we chat in jammies and iced lattes.

Shannon said...

What a wonderful wife and mommy you featured. Ok, so I "know" her from an online community so I may be biased, but I enjoyed your interview questions and especially her answers!