Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Stop and smell the...caterpillars?

As a writer I dreamed of days sitting at my computer for hours with a cup of hot coffee and quite possibly still in my jammies. Then we added one more to my brood. I went from an at-home mom with two kids in school all day to a mom with hardly any time to myself.
Isn't it funny how one little, tiny person can keep you from everything that needs to get done? Well, when that tiny person was 2 and today he gave me a beautiful gift.
And this is the story:
After a flu shot we headed home for a morning of outside play. Little Izaiah's idea of sheer perfection. My idea of "Crap, I am not getting anything done." But today was different. Maybe it was my pity for him having just gotten a shot or maybe my brain actually DOES remember how to take a vacation. But in any case, we stopped to admire a new friend...

Usually, I am looking for an excuse to get back inside so I can jot down my latest picture book idea or make a few phone calls, make a dent in the laundry or straighten something so it looks like I was productive when my husband walks in at dinner time.
When this green, wriggling critter caught my eye I knew God had a different plan for Isaiah and I today. I coaxed my little guy out of the wagon and pointed to the caterpillar who was almost completely camoflaged in the grass next to the sidewalk.
Watching my toddler slowly approach a creature he has no reference for was priceless. His giant blue eyes looked up at me as if they were saying, "Are you kidding me? What in the world IS that?!" He knelt down and watched closely as his new green friend squiggled through the grass and then stopped to much a leaf.
This bugger was so huge that we (because now I have copped a squat on the sidewalk as if I was 2 as well) could actually watch the tiny leaf disappear bite by bite.
Isaiah watched intently, climbed back into the wagon and waved good-bye to his new friend.
I have no idea how long we were there and for the first time in a very long time I was IN THE MOMENT! It was wonderful. Thank you, buddy.
As moms, we have pressures coming at us from all directions. Some of you work outside the home - I personally could not handle that stress - and some of you are dealing with special needs children. Some of you are alone. Some of you are in a harmful relationship. But all of us are responsible for the well-being of our children. They deserve some time without those pressures encroaching on their quality time with their hero - Mommy.
Give them that time. It is always a good time to stop and smell the caterpillars!


Sherri said...

So very true! The most precious times are those led by my children!
Thanks for the reminder!

Leayellowrose said...

Hey Michelle,hope everything is ok.Havent heard from you since I gave you the detailed report of the past six months!!!
hugs to you !!