Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A big European high 5...

I am so excited! I just logged on (it is precious, precious nap time...a.k.a. Mommy's writing time, sit on the couch with a cup of tea time, watch ANYTHING other than Barney while I fold laundry time...ME TIME!) to write my post for the day. I had a great idea. I glanced down across the page to my World Map in the left margin and there it was...a red "blip" on Europe!!! I have a reader in Europe! I am so excited, I forgot what I was about to write. Guess I will go fold some laundry, drink some tea and watch the boob tube while I think about what it was I was going to entertain you with...brb...maybe But should I come back and that European has left me a comment, I will surely forget my post idea again!


Erin said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my site :) I LOVE having new readers and getting to know new people. It was really funny because I'm visiting Val from "Purple-Valley" and we were just looking at her blog and saw that you had left such a nice comment for her. We were like "awww" and then I go to my blog and see that you've commented there too and it made me smile. I'm just rambling. I'm going to bookmark you because I like you already.

Lucille said...

Hi and thanks for the visit and nice post on my blog! I have bookmarked you and WILL be back! :)

Oh and congrats on the newest visitor! That is really NEAT!

Keep up the good work!