Monday, June 14, 2010

Scars and Stilettos by Harmony Dust: A Book Review

"You will want to get a copy for every person you know... Once you start this book, you will not be able to put it down. You will laugh, you will cry, you will be encouraged, you will fall in love with God all over again."  Holly Wagner, Author and Founder of GodChicks

If this doesn't make you want to read this book, I don't know what will.

LitFuse Publicity group once again sent me a PHENOMENAL and INSPIRING book to review! I love when they do that!!

Harmony Dust's raw account of her life and the struggles that began while she was still in her teens and drove her to make some life-changing decisions will chill you to the bone. But her resilience once she turned her life to Christ will warm your heart like no other book you have read.

Scars and Stilettos is an encouraging story of how God can pull you out of what feels like an abyss and plant your feet on solid ground. Harmony Dust has a MA in Social Welfare & now leads Treasures, an organization helping women in the sex trade discover their true worth & value. For more information about Harmony or her book please visit her website:

The transformation of this exotic dancer started when the fear of being abandoned kept 19-year-old Harmony trapped in an abusive relationship. She was tens of thousands of dollars in debt and struggling to get by when someone tells her how much money she could make taking her clothes off. For the next 3 years, Harmony lived a double life as Monique, a dancer in a strip club.

Harmony's downward spiral started at age 11 and continued through losing her virginity at 14 and trying to hold her head high as she endured multiple rapes, her parents' divorce and other heartbreaks. By 15 she was financially supporting the only man who hadn't left her yet. By 17, she was stealing from the cash register at her job to fulfill his monetary needs. But unfortunately this supremely unhealthy relationship would only get worse. Harmony's predicament left her with a boyfriend who in essence became her pimp.

Her quiet and conservative college student "costume" was the only thing holding her double life together. By night she was someone else's fantasy girl.

We have all heard stories of those who hit rock bottom and found Jesus. But Harmony's story rings authentic. The pages turn themselves as you get just as sucked into her world as she was. Entranced. Unable to look away.

Harmony has taken her heartache and grief and turned it into something so beautiful... TREASURES! We are all God's treasures...HE is sucked into our matter how evil they are...HE is entranced by us...HE is unable to look away. And sometimes those who suffer end up being OUR angels sent to save US. This is what Harmony Dust does on a daily basis!

Today she would introduce you to her savior like this, "Like a gentleman, He pursued me with his infinite love until he captured my heart. I finally met a Lover who would never leave me—the only One who could satisfy my needs. He took the hollow and empty pit inside me that had been carved out by a lifetime of disappointment and despair, and He filled it with hope, love, and purpose."

Go out and by SCARS AND STILETTOS for every woman you know. Let them know THEY ARE WORTH it.... THEY ARE WORTH HIM!

Thank you Harmony for being an angel! This book will remain on my shelf...and inspiration like no other.

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