Sunday, June 6, 2010

Kate + 8 Series PREMIER and KATE*VERSATION #1

(photo courtesy of TLC)

Aaden, "Everything's back to normal!"

These were the some of the first words on the new show when Kate surprised this kids with the camera crew on the first day of filming! I loved that he said that b/c it dispells the common notion that the kids hate having the cameras around and it is harmful to them! Go Aaden! Love ya!

I have to say, Kate seems so much more at ease in this show than she did in "Jon & Kate," makes it even more evident to me that she made the right choice and it, in turn, is making a better, happier life for her and the kids!

The hour long show didn't hide the stressors that cause most moms to lose it. TLC didn't choose to only show the happyhappyjoyjoy times to sugar coat what their life is like now. Let me run down the list of things that happened in the first 24 hours of them arriving at the airport to head to Florida...

*their plane was delayed over an hour
*there were multiple meltdowns before the plan even left the gate
*Alexis pukes and has to return to hotel with Jamie leaving Kate alone with 7 kids
*wet suits refusing to slip onto seven sweaty, sandy bodies
*Mady's temper tantrums

Is there ANY mom reading this that thinks she could handle even 3 of these events in one day without completely LOSING IT? Yeah, me neither!

Did you notice how calm she was? Did you notice how much she smiled? Kate's personality does not lend itself to being "fake" and it was obvious she was NOT faking her sincere adoration of the opportunity she had to spend with her kids on their very special birthday celebration.

At the end of the show she said this about motherhood, "There's no manual, no right or wrong way. You just have to feel your way through it." Isn't that the truth! In the heat of the moment when I am angry and frustrated with any one of my three kids, in the back of my mind I am thinking, "how would so-and-so handle this?" and "I am flipping out, what would so-and-so think if she saw me now?" When what I should be thinking is, "How do I need to handle this for MY child? How does he/she NEED me to handle this situation?" No one can tell you how to be a good parent. But if you listen to your kids, know them inside and out and act from your heart, you will give them the best of you...and that's all they need.

I saw Kate give her 8 the best of her in this episode.

You go girl! So happy you are happy!

Then there was the INSIDE KATE'S WORLD special.

All I can say is WOW!
If I had Meredith Vieira (Today Show), Jim Moret (Inside Edition), Steve Neild (security) and Kate Coyne (People Magazine) in my corner I would be skipping up and down the streets singing my own praises!

I was happy to see prominent faces in support of someone who is outdoing many of us in the "MOM" category!

As Steve Neild was talking about the personal threats ending up in Kate's mailbox and on the front porch (which is scary b/c someone would have to scale the tall fence around their house to get to the porch) I was thinking how obscene it is that people have the audacity to think they have the right to pass judgement on anyone, let alone a woman whose shoulders are carrying daily what most of us couldn't handle in a WEEK!

I would LOVE to produce a new reality show...I am not sure what it would be called (help me with coming up with something creative) but here is my proposal...

Gather 10 Kate-haters (they are easy to find, they lurk on every Kate-centered website and make themselves known with their "holier than thou" comments) and each week you drop 8 kids and a cheating husband who spends all their money into their judgemental laps and see how they fare. I have a feeling they would soon change their tune

I think Meredith Vieira said it best, "When you're a strong woman and you have opinions, people think you are a b*tch. I think people should get a life!" AMEN, SISTER!

Kate wrapped up the show by saying, "When you love your work and you love being home, balancing the two is what makes your life work." Isn't that the truth! Thanks Kate!

So, this was my first "Kate-versation" (Kate conversation) this year. In further Kate + 8 conversations I will not be pushing my opinion this far. I will discuss parts of the show that pertains to WHAT WE CAN LEARN FROM KATE as moms. If you wanna hate on her, go somewhere else. Those of us who are truly commited to being good moms and not hating someone because they are stronger than us will be able to maturely garner some good skills, tricks of the trade and parenting lessons. If that's what you want, come back!

I hope you enjoyed the show and I hope you will join the nex Kate-versation!



Baby Mama said...

Michelle, this was such a great post. I would love it if you came to my site and put a link to it so that the other fans can read it! Also is you could give a little preview of it. So fantastic!

mamaholly said...

Thanks for opening up the Kate*Versations. I agree with the comment from Meredith Viera. I just hope that Kate can continue to be the best at what ever she sets her mind to, including CONTINUING to be the bigger person in the never ending Jon/Kate custody saga. You've got a NEW follower (second to BabyMama, of course)

SubWife said...

I can't agree with you here. There are rights and wrongs in parenting. Some are universal and some are right/wrong in regards to each individual kid. I would also say that hating to see kids exposed a lot more than anyone ever should does not necessarily equate to hating Kate. I don't hate her, I just think she is wrong.

CraftyMomof3 said...

Yay! Blogger finally loads for me so here I am!

I LOVE this idea Michelle!

Count me in!

My Semblance of Sanity said...

SubWife....I like how you described that ... "some rights/wrongs are universal and some are right/wrong in regards to each individual kid."
You are exactly right!
But I still think whether the kids should be on TV or not is a matter of opinion, not a universal "wrong."
Just my opinion.
Thanks for stopping in and giving your two cents! Glad we can have these kinds of discussions!