Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fed Up Friday!

Exactly what are "skilles"? And what makes them so special?!

If you are going to try to entice me to fall for your $950/wk load of CRAP... you might want to use spell check! Guess you didn't need any SKILLES to get the job writing copy for this company either!

I emailed them right back and said JUST that!

WINNERS of last week's contests will be announced tomorrow...
that's why FED UP FRIDAY is a little early!



manuelsmommy said...

AMAZING! A) that there is actually people who fall for those "schemes" and B) that they didn't take the time to proof read their ad! Really??????

I'm so glad you wrote them and told them! :)

Nancy said...

Isn't "receive" spelled wrong too?