Friday, April 30, 2010

Fed Up Friday!

Well, it's actually Saturday...wee hours of the morning but I had some writing to do for - you can click and see all my articles! And then of course you can scroll down and read all the nasty comments people feel compelled to leave. Sad. Very sad. But those of you who have read My SoS for a while know darn well that my support of Kate Gosselin brought far, one could say I am hardened to trolls!

Anyway, I am starting a new regular Friday post called... I know, you can just look at the title and I don't need to re-type it but... I like to...


I am reserving Fridays as my day to go off on anything that is of particular bother that week and I invite you all to join in the fun and leave comments pertaining to my rant! Fun? I thought you'd like that! And if you find it especially insightful, I would love for you to shoot some of your readers this-a-way!

LYRICS, LYRICS, LYRICS are my gripe this week!

Many of you may remember my rant about Lady Gaga or my abhorrance of that Soulja Boy SUPERMAN song. Catch yourself up if you haven't had the pleasure...get your puke bucket ready!

As a mom of two tweens (and a 4 yr old, but he doesn't sing radio songs yet) I am always on high alert for the underlying meaning in the songs my kids want to listen to. has become my best friend... and saved me a ton of money b/c after looking up a song I responded to their iTunes purchase request with a resounding, "NOFREAKINGWAY!"

My latest UNFAVORITE SONGS.... (click for lyrics)

CARRYOUT by Justin Timberlake and Timbaland

TIK TOK by Ke$ha

IMMA BE by Black Eyed Peas*

*I absolutely LOVED this song when it first came out... the beat ... Fergie... until my son said, "Mom, I just looked up those aren't gonna believe what he says!"

My rant is done. You can do with this info what you wish... just my own version of a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT!

Have a PEACELOVIN' weekend!

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joeyfortman said...

Wow!!! Ya know.. after 15 yrs in the radio business.. you'd THINK I knew everysong in the book. I don't actually! Sadly, I can't stand music anymore!! I can't help but wonder; someday my son might think i'm a 'cool mom' and hopefully I can listen to music again. And.. I'll call you when I need help with lyric interpretation! lol