Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sanity's Blogtober TIP PARADE: 10/01 What's Grosser than Gross?

So, before I get to the gore...let me explain my BLOGTOBER "TIP" PARADE!

Everyday in October I will choose a mom-centered problem/issue/question, write a short post about it and then offer a tip that will hopefully make life easier for many of you.

Post your OWN tip for that problem/issue/question on your blog and then come back and leave a comment so your blog link can be used for readers to visit YOUR blog. Don't forget to leave a link to ME in your post!

Come back and read what your Mommy Bloggin' friends have to offer. Just think, it may make your life a little easier, someone might tell ya something you never thought of!

Join me in the BLOGTOBER "TIP" PARADE!


Well, today had to be one of my Top 10 Grossest days as a mom and since misery loves company, I am going to share my day with you in a style you may remember from 6th grade...


Remembering you forgot to bury the hamster that died 3 weeks ago and is still in its cage in the garage!


Cleaning out the cat litter after said cat apparently had a wilderness buffet the night before!


Dog poo falling through the hole in the WalMart bag you just used to pick it up and landing right on the top of your foot!


Holding out your hands to cover your son's mouth while he coughs his eyeballs out and having the biggest loogie in history slide through your fingers!


Preparing to bury way-dead hamster and having your fingers go IN her when you pick her up because due to your procrastination, her whole underside has completely decayed!


Finding a mini-turd stuck between the wrinkles in your son's wee wee.


Chopping up raw chicken for dinner and thinking, "What IF I didn't wash well enough and some decaying-hamster-loogie-cat-and-dog-and-kid-poo germs are still on my hands?!"


MY TIP: Don't let pets, sick kids or poop anywhere NEAR your person. You know, be a DAD!

(Dads, it was JUST A JOKE! Don't get your boxers in a wad! I'm JUST kidding!)

OK! So, now you are wondering what kind of TIP you can leave for me and thousands of other moms...

Here's what to do: Post on your blog the GROSSEST thing (in your opinion) about being a mom and give a tip on how to make that scenario easier, or better yet, how to make it GO AWAY! Link to Me! Come back and then go visit all the other Mom blogs for tips!

Leave your comment after you have posted your GROSSEST post!



Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

EEEWWWWW - that was REALLY the grossest of gross! I ewweed and squealed and felt ill. Good job!

Julie said...

URP. That WAS gross! I don't even know if I can top that...

The girl with the flour in her hair said...

Ha! That was disgusting. That's like when I left the goldfish in the aquarium for...well, um, several....we will just say days... and when I finally flushed it, I had goldfish parts all over the toilet. No matter how many times I flushed, it just wouldn't come loose.

Julie said...

Okay, I posted my gross story....check it out here:

Anonymous said...


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Crafty Mama said...

Last year, I went to put something into the fridge at work, and was dismayed to see that there was *still* a big pan of leftover Corned Beef and Cabbage in there. Only now it was a week old. So I took it upon myself to dispose of....and ended up upending it over myself and all over my dry-clean only shirt. There was no salvaging it for the day....I had to call my husband to bring me some clothes and go to the drycleaner right away with the soiled shirt. My car smelled like a restaurant dumpster!

But your hampster story.....I don't know if anyone can top that! Ewwwww!

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