Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Nevin & Leslie Stoltzfus

Two beautiful people pledged their love and promised their lives to each other yesterday on the beach of the Outer Banks, NC!

So, baby brother, I wish you a lifetime of health and happiness and I pray your marriage is filled with enough love to overflow the ocean.

Leslie, welcome to the family. You are a perfect fit!

We love you both! See you soon!!


Beth said...


Nina Diane said...

and we just returned from the Outer Banks..great place for a wedding

Baby Mama said...

This is a beautiful photo. My God bless them both with a wonderful and exciting life together!

My Semblance of Sanity said...

Well, guys...a bunch of people left you "newlywed advice" on my facebook page so I am going to relay it to you here:

Sally Brooks Niedenthal -
be quick to say i am sorry....
Yesterday at 5:01pm ·

Cathy Bourner -
Never go to bed angry or without saying "I love & cherish you"
Yesterday at 9:21pm ·

Billy Solowski -
two words: "yes dear"

two more words (and these you don't even have to believe): "you're right."
Yesterday at 11:01pm ·

Theresa Flynn Krier - Be the FIRST to say, "I'm sorry" and remember to laugh a lot.
8 hours ago ·

Tracy Roe Moyer - Even if you are upset with each other...always kiss each other good night and say I love you
6 hours ago ·