Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The bagger at the grocery store unbeknownst to you, puts your chicken breast in the same bag as your baby formula and when you get home, you find your can of Similac covered in E.Coli slime.


You leave the doctor's office with a sick kid in tow and head for the Pharmacy. Your kiddo is whiny, fussy and quite frankly miserable as you wait in a line longer than the Mississippi River. The woman in front of you gets annoyed and offers her parenting advice, "Maybe if you...your child would behave."


No matter what the cause, we would all be lying if we said we lived an annoyance-free life! Whether it's a road-rager, a slow check-out lane or miscounted money at the bank - it's out there and periodically I like to give my readers and my new visitors a place to vent.

So, here you go!


Tell me what annoys you. Be frank. Be honest. Be real.

I will then have follow-up posts with advice and fun anecdotes for your biggest gripes!


(btw Mommy Blogger Monday will return next week!)


The Redheaded Lefty said...

Today I'm annoyed that my husband had the audacity to point to the baby wipes box and say, "This was left open last night and they're probably dry now. Do we have any more?" I mean, REALLY HUSBAND? REALLY? Don't you mean, "YOU left these open and now they're dry because of YOU?"

I scoff!

I am constantly juggling 16 different things. I have motherhood and marriage-induced ADD.

And, well, I am annoyed.

Jacki said...

OOOOOHHHHH....I could write a book! I work in retail...I HATE it when I approach a customer (my job) and they throw their hand up in my face because they are talking on their cell phones. Then they have the nerve to come back and complain that they are not being waited on!!

J... said...

Yippee...are you ready for this one? I am a volunteer. A Girl Scout Leader to be exact and my gripe today is that I have to babysit THE PARENTS! I have set up a website. I e-mail changes. I hand out calendars and yet, I am still calling all 15 parents at the last minute just to get things turned in on time because THEY missed the deadline. I have heard every excuse from "you told me the wrong date" to "why didn't you let me know it was due" and I am fed up *to here* with it. Teachers at school hand you a calendar and you are expected to bring in treats on your assigned day. Does she call you to say it's your turn? No. Coaches hand you a calendar or directs you to the website so that you know when to show up to practice and games. Do they call you in the five minutes before the game to make sure you are on your way? No. So why is it my job as a VOLUNTEER who is trying to do something good for YOUR CHILD to make sure that YOU as a PARENT do your job? It's not? Oh, then stop acting like it is MY FAULT that YOUR CHILD will not be getting the special patch because YOU couldn't be bothered to hand in her money ON TIME!

*end rant here*

That was liberating. :)

Julie said...

Ah...I have SO many...but I'll just pick one.

I HATE IT when I drive all over creation with my two unhappy toddlers to watch my 14 year old play baseball in the frigid temps of MI in March and spend no less than 4 HOURS watching a double-header game in which my son only played 1 stinkin' inning. Come on coach, let's give ALL of the players a chance to play!!

PsychMamma said...

I hate when I enter a giveaway at a blog site and they cheerily say, "Follow me at Twitter for an extra entry!" Then they don't follow back. Pretty much looks like they're just trying to "up" their follow numbers rather than start any relationships. Grrr.....

On a Twitter related note, I hate when I follow very "popular" people, retweet (repeatedly) the stuff they ask to be retweeted and never get a follow back or an answer to @ messages. Sometimes, it feels like high school all over again. I'm apparently at the unpopular table. Ugh.

Whew! That feels better! {wink}

Kim Wheedleton said...

"...the unpopular table." I am an Unpopular Lifer. Ah, the joys of high school...

My gripe is dropping my car for repairs, leaving me with no transportation whatsover, then hearing nothing at all about progress until I finally call late in the day. Then I hear, "Oh, we JUST got it on the rack."

Auds at Barking Mad said...

I wouldn't even know where to begin...

I'm annoyed that my daughter's college had the audacity to send home a letter to parents stating that they were proud to announce, in light of recent "economic woes" that this year's (meaning the 09/10 year) tuition increase for RETURNING students was the lowest 11%!

I'm annoyed that my dog smells like @ss and he just went to the groomers last week. They told me that it's because his anal glands have a tendency to become blocked. That's just gross. Why do I get the dog with the blocked butt glands?

I'm annoyed at hearing so much about tax credits for installing new energy efficiencies yet they are almost 10x's what the credit is. What good is a freakin' tax credit if you can't afford the new *insert whatever it is* in the first place? New windows for us = $15K! Spend $15K to get a maximum of $1500 thanks.

I could go on, but those are just the things off the top of my head.

Anonymous said...

You pay at the pump at the gas station, and then when you want your receipt, it says "Clerk Has Receipt." WHAT?! What is the point of "PAY AT THE PUMP" if you have to enter in the filthy station anyway?? (so I drive away, as I'm not bringing two little kids in there).


Jenn@mylifewiththecrazies said...

I am annoyed that we took my Hubbys car in to be fixed ( fender bender) and it turned out to need a hell of a lot more.. to the tune of $1000.... I am annoyed that I worked all day and then the kids ask me the minute I walk in the door if I stopped and bought them GUM... WTH? and I am annoyed that my jacuzzi isnt filling up with hot water fast enough!!I need my bath!

MaBunny said...

Hmm, just today? lets see...
well nothing today but a few days ago, I called in my refill prescription ON TIME , and dutifully went to pick it up at the supposed time of it being ready - like three days... and she asks me when i turned it in, then she looks at the computer, consults all the scripts waiting to be picked up, rechecks my last name... yet no RX.
Finally after like 20 freaking minutes i'm like helllooo WTF is going on? why am i still waiting ..
Turns out that a newb employee reshelved my script because i hadn't picked it up in two days - they are supposed to wait 10!!!!!
so I had to wait another 10 mins while they filled it again... I thought calling in three days ahead of time was supposed to SAVE me time, not make me wait longer... grrrrrrrrr

Vicki said...

I don't like that we live in a subdivision with crazy people. People who can't seem to be nice and like to cause problems. Oh and my next door neighbor who has a "friend" staying over who drives a POS. I mean POS. It just looks soooooooo bad. Wash me should be all over that hunk of metal.

I know that's not nice, it just how I feel. :>)

Any advice..... besides move. Which we are doing very SOON.

jewelryandgiftsbyrebecca said...

I may have sent this twice, I'm have computer issues. Urg!

I saw this yesterday and didn't have anything I could complain about. I was acctually happy about that. I like to think of myself as a half full kinda gal. Well, today is another story. I have been pushed over the edge.
It's not the first time I've had this issue so I think that's why it is bugging me and I can't let it go.
One the way to drop off the middle child at pre-school I come across some trash collectors. Now, I empathize that they have a job to do and a few weeks ago it was raining so I let it go but today it is sunny and warm. They drive so as to block off the road. Each time they inch forward they seem to stop in just the right place on purpose so that no one can pass by. It would be possible for them to pause and let cars pass but they seem to get off on the control of not letting people pass.
Today, after I put my hands up (like what the heck???) the guy starts mouthing off to me about doing his job. OK, so now I roll my window down and say I understand that he has a job to do but that he could also be considerate of other on the street. He says go a different way. Duh, I'm committed on this street and can't go anywhere now. Just let me get past you?????
The two works were completely rude and inconsiderate with their behavior and gestures.
I will try to remember that Friday's I should go a different route but should I call and complain to their boss???? Or just let it go?

Debbie Yost said...

I hate that when I go to the grocery store and bring in 7 Green Bags and a basket overflowing with groceries the bagger shoves everything in 4 bags. Is there a contest to see how much you can shove in one bag? And what's with putting all the cans in one bag so it weighs 100 pounds while another has the boxes of cereal and only weighs 1 pound. Don't they teach people how to bag groceries anymore? I always end up rebagging everything so why don't you just get out of my way and let me bag them right the first time around?

Oh, and one more thing, I hate when I spend 10 minutes picking out apples that don't have bruises and spend extra money on them only to have the cashier play "Bowling for Dollars" with them!

Heidi said...

I think my biggest complaint is at work. When customers come in and for whatever reason we don't have what they want or can't solve their life problems they take it out on myself or the other people who work at the store. Don't they realize that we have nothing to do with corporate and how they decide policy, order product and such? Is it possible to be nice to the little people who are just there to TRY and help? Oh, and if I ask them if they need help they get pissy that they must look confused, but heaven forbid I don't ask then I am rude and inconsiderate.

And the people who drive in the fast lane, but go slow. The people who are in heavy traffic, refuse to go WITH traffic and instead go really slow to create havoc behind them.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I went into Best Buy to buy a new computer. A $1500 computer and all of the jerks at the store ignored me because I was there with two little kids.

I left without buying anything from them.

Rose said...

Jumping on the "terrible bagging at the grocery store" bandwagon: at my grocery, they put ONE (yes, you read that correctly) item in a plastic bag. I end up with forty bags instead of ten. Talk about waste and the environment! It makes me want to bag my own groceries again (which I used to do at the place I used to shop, until it closed).

Work pet peeve: clients who don't call to cancel their appointments and just don't show up. I usually call my clients the day before to remind them of their appointments, and I'll *still* get people who don't show up the next day. So rude! I've tried sending them a bill for the missed appointment, which they ignore, and I've gotten to the point where if it becomes a habit, I just won't schedule the person any longer. But really--massage therapists, hair dressers, nail technicians, and other service personnel reserve a spot for you, and it's money out of their pocket if you don't show up! Be courteous and CALL if you can't make it! They might be able to fill the spot with someone else, or at least knock off early if they know you're not coming in!

Whew. Thanks--I feel better. :-)

KathyB said...

I hate when you have a disagreement with someone who calls you a friend, and they think it'll just blow over and go away. Then they wonder why you're not as friendly with them as usual.

I hate when you're shopping and people stop to chat in the middle of the there's NO ONE behind them that needs to get by? Move over!!

Kathy B said...

Ohh, here's a good one!

Not only did the 9th grade class plan a chicken bbq which is "mandatory" for us to sell tickets (or buy them) for, BUT they booked it for the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend when NO ONE will be around! gets better...

The 8th grade class is to go on their field trip the Friday before Memorial Day weekend, not a problem, right? WRONG! They're going to PHILLY so they won't get back until 7:30/8:00...and most people are leaving after school or by 5 to go out of town for the weekend.

We, personally, have to leave here at 3:30 to pick my husband up at the Harrisburg airport at 5 and then off to Gettysburg for a soccer tournament, so my child can't go on the fieldtrip...AND they expect her to sit in school in a study hall all day long...she with a 3.9 GPA...I think NOT. It's not our fault she can't go. If they're going to plan something for after school hours, they should be smart enough to do it sometime other than a holiday weekend.

Ok, run with it...LOL