Sunday, December 28, 2008


PRAY like there is no tomorrow.
PRAY until your heart breaks.
PRAY until your tears are dry.
Coleman, Caden, Peggy and Scott need you NOW more than ever!
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THIS FAMILY NEEDS A MIRACLE and what better time of year than Christmas!


Rachel said...

We got Mimi's last post on Christmas Eve. Our family spent Christmas morning with tears streaming down our faces as we asked for God's healing for this little boy and his family.

My heart aches to see what C-Man has gone through and what they all are going through right now.

And I still say, though I don't understand this... God is GOOD.

And He cares for and loves Coleman more than any of us ever could. That is a small comfort to me right now as we continue to pray for this brave little guy and his loved ones.

Thank you for posting and getting the prayer warriors together! :)

Theresa said...

My heart is breaking. He never leaves my mind and my prayers.

Love you, T

AlaneM said...

I love them so much! I'm praying hard for him & his family.
neva div up!

Diane B said...

Team Larson is in my prayers every day and never far from my thoughts.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

hearts are breaking all over the world tonight ... coleman passed away last night 1-5-09 He and King JUJU and way too many children are playing in heaven right now!

gregory pum said...

Never met you c-man but your charm your smile and all you had made me take life things little slower by not taking life for granted and stopping and seeing what God has made for us and loving every one! I see and feel what you left behind ands thats a chance for others to realize what you and all your family went through and if there facing what you did it will make them understand its ok even if it hurts there are people who loves them and never will leave there side, just like many people have for you and will always..loving you and standing by your side! With Grace we will meet and thats a promise! See you in Heaven, maybe im a stranger but in heaven theres no such thing! So Hello my new friend and brother in Christ! LOVE YA FOREVER!