Sunday, December 7, 2008

After the stress is gone...

So, the majority of my stress is waning! YAY!
Our dog is looking better, walking, wanting to go outside, less messes to clean up, etc.
Our church Christmas play is over which had me more than stressed as I had to memorize lines, make the props for my group and plan/pull-off a Birthday Party for Jesus after the production. It turned out wonderful and then I felt like a DOUBLE DORK for getting so worked up about it.
I guess stress is good for my creativity, though. Being creative relaxes me. I know most of you think that is ridiculous. Most people do. But, it's just the way I am wired which worked out to my daughter's benefit this weekend.
She is turning 10. The big double digits and wants a SHOPPING SLEEPOVER PARTY! We will play games and the girls will win play money. I will be turning my dining room into a Jewelry Store and after the games, the girls can spend their "money" on the glitzy baubles in the jewelry store. The glitz will, of course, be beads, wire, charms, etc and we will then be MAKING our jewelry.
So, here are her invitations. Yes, we MADE them! A dozen of them! It was SO MUCH FUN! I was IMing Dawn while I was making them and she said, "You are making EACH ONE INDIVIDUALLY?! WHY? Just photo copy them!" Now, you see why I laughed at you, friend! LOL!
These are 12" purses made out of scrapbooking paper and Martha Stewart circle and flower stickers and some ribbon.

Inside is a paper wallet that holds the details of the party and a faux $50. Each wallet has the invitee's initial in gold on the bottom corner and faux gold stitching around the edges.

This is the inside of the wallet.


Anyone want some custom birthday invitations?


The winner of my contest is "Teletubby giving the finger!" Just too frippin' funny! One of my friends was actually talking about THAT comment today, so YOU WIN! Email me your mailing address and I will mail you your illustration! CONGRATULATIONS!


Dawn said...

Man are you creative! I just buy the plain ole ones at the store. Actually, scratch that. Sometimes I don't even get that far. Sometimes I just get on the phone and say, "Hey come on over."
They turned out beautifully, Michelle!

SgtSudsWife said...

WOW! Those are creative. And cute!! Good job.

I am glad some of the stress has slowed down.

Theresa said...

Love them and the idea is awesome too. Maybe I'll be borrowing it next June!
What is your daughter's name? I can't remember it!
Love T

Martha said...

I am glad your dog is doing better!

The party invitations are too cute and creative for words. I love the theme of the party! I hope they all have a great time! My record for sleep over was 4 (plus my DD) for her 10th birthday. Don't know I could do ten, but then I am a mom of only 1, so that really was 5x more than I am used to!

Happy Early Birthday Emily!

Julie said...

I love those invites! How fun!!

Glad you're less stressed than before, too.

manuelsmommy said...

Glad to hear that your dog is feeling better!

Those invites are entirely too cute!! Seriously, I wish I was creative because those are just great! I'm sure your daughter and the attendees just love them :)

thoughts and ramblings said...

I'm the Teletubby girl. haha. how funny. I've never won anything before. I'm so excited. lol

ok....for some reason, I can't find where your email address is.....isn't it usually over on the right sidebar? hmm.....

how about's MY email address.....


I LOVE LOVE LOVE those invites!!! Those are beautiful! How much would you charge to make some of those for me?? My daughter turns 5 next month. Maybe I could have you do the invites?


LOVE your blog! :)

noexcuses said...

So happy to hear that your dog is getting better!

The invitations are adorable! You realize what you have done, don't you! Kids remember this kind of stuff. Hope you are thinking of what you will do next year to top this!

Have fun shopping!

kathyB said...

Where were you and your ideas when my girls turned 10? That rocks. I do believe her friends' mom will hate you though, cause you win best mom, hands down!