Wednesday, March 28, 2007

She's a bit hesitant...

...of most things. Loud noises, monsters, big slobbery dogs, tall hairy men and especially school. She doesn't like the idea of leaving the safety of her mommy's shadow for that many hours in a row. And who will be there that she knows? What if the kids are mean? What if the teacher is a tall hairy manly monster? She is loaded with excuses why she can't go... “I can’t go today, Mama.” She started to pout. “My belly feels funny and the ‘button’ fell out.” “I have to stay home, Mama.” Her lip became twitchy. “My fingers feel lazy and my toenails are itchy.” “Something is wrong, Mama.” She seemed kind of groggy. “I have a cramp in my lip and my ears sound foggy.” Maybe tomorrow will be easier.....then again, maybe not!

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