Monday, August 23, 2010


If you are looking for an AMAZING FAMILY DAY next summer ... head to Langhorn, PA for some SESAME STREET MAGIC!

There is wet fun for the hot days and dry fun for the days that water just isn't on the schedule!
This year is SESAME PLACE's 30th birthday so the daily parade is definitely a must see!
These are my favorite "boys" on the planet... the middle shirtless one was enjoying his 5th birthday with all the friends of Sesame Street. And because of the 30th celebration, I had him convinced that THAT BIG CAKE was for him and ELMO made it! :)
SESAME PLACE is easy to get to. Simple to plan for. And unforgettable even for us OLD people. Just look at that smile... it is well worth the visit!
Hope you will find the time to enjoy, too!

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