Friday, August 20, 2010

MobiGo - A VTech REVIEW

I love VTech toys...and so do my kids. So when VTech contacts me to do a review, they know they are going to get a "YES!" from this Mommy Blogger.

The MobiGo is our NEW favorite toy! The screen is so clear, like a TV, no pixels here! It slides open like a cell phone to reveal a QWERTY keyboard and the sounds are clear - it is just one of the best toys we have.

The games are inexpensive and now, as of mid-July, Vtech offers downloadable games right from their website.
Take the guided tour here: MOBIGO

My son's best friend was drawn to this game like a we let him borrow it for a couple days - he was addicted. Of course, VTech had sent it to me before it was even available in stores so his mom was chomping at the bit for its release date.

We were leaving for a LONG trip in the car and needed the MobiGo back...the hesitant hand-off was like watching a tear-jerker movie live. Shaky hands, painful grimace on one side and a joyous boy reunited with a favorite toy on the other side.

Our young BFF now has his own MobiGo and even bought  my son a NASCAR game for his birthday! Everyone is thrilled. I LOVE VTECH!

I was given a MobiGo by VTech for my review. I was allowed to keep the product, but the opinion I am sharing remains my own.

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Such a cool blog! Your header made me laugh out loud :)