Monday, May 10, 2010

500th Post GIVE-A-WAY with PrintArtKids!

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review the wonderful work of PrintArtKids! And just in time for my 500th POST! WOO HOO!

If you are a mom, you know that NO REFRIGERATOR is big enough for all the artwork your kids bring home. And, I don't know about you, but I hear the heavens part and someone yells at me everytime I throw their artwork away. That could have something to do with being a former art teacher...there's a whole class on how NOT to EVER destroy a child's creations.

But, I think I have found the loop hole! PrintArtKids! This company will make beautiful cards, note pads,return address labels, gift tags, notebooks and stationery with your child's artwork (or your favorite photograph) as the central focus!

They have GREAT products available for Father's Day, Birthdays, Teacher Gifts, etc!

I was curious about the clarity of the images, so when Abbe contacted me to see if I would like to check them out, I took advantage of the opportunity. I was thrilled when my order came! Quick shipping and BEAUTIFULLY crisp and clear photos of my artwork were on notecards and notpads!

As an author, I will FOR SURE be turning to Abbe at PrintArtKids for my pormotional materials to hand out at events I attend at schools and conferences! This is a GREAT company with careful attention to detail.

Stay in touch with PrintArtKids with the links below for ideas for your kids' artwork - never put another thought into WHAT to give for a gift to your favorite teacher, bus driver or family member! This is one of a kind work with a one of a kind business!

Now, the GIVE-A-WAY information!
Leave a comment below or email me with your school's address (by Friday the 14th, 5pm EST) so Abbe can add YOUR school to her mailing list...many art teachers use companies like this to promote their students' artwork! Your art teachers will THANK YOU!

I will use to choose a winner.
If there are 10 or more entries, TWO winners will be chosen!

Thanks Abbe!



Anonymous said...

Hi Shell! I want more info! Have them e-mail me @ have an in with my kids art teacher! LOL!

Miss ya!- Kecia

Unknown said...

I ordered a few gifts from Abbe at PrintArtKids for my mom, sister, and in-laws. They loved the gifts!

I am collected my daughters art work for the new book PrintArtKids has now.

Hally said...

I LOVE THIS IDEA! For fathers' day I take annual pics of my boys in the same shirt & ties so that we can see them grow into them. Putting those images on a notepad would be perfect for the Grandparents!

Sally said...

What an awesome idea!! What a great idea for fahters day...hmmmmmmmmm..and summer birthdays for my little artists!! Fun fun fun!!