Thursday, February 4, 2010

Virtual Art Classes for Kids Offered NOW!!


So, I have had so many people ask me about giving art lessons to their kids or to supply creative ideas for their family, their scout troop or organization and I LOVE the idea...I just don't have the space in my house to make a mess.

So, I am instituting an online version of my art instruction. Something you will not get ANYWHERE else!

I introduce.....

The KIC2K Program

The KIC2K Program is a program that has Kids Impacting their Community through Creativity and Kindness.

In this program children will learn about various styles of art while using their creativity to bless others. Students will complete projects that could be donated to local hospitals, nursing homes, schools, etc. Your child will love the feeling of blessing someone with something hand made and from the heart. Instructions for coordinating a group project are included and can be requested as well. So, those of you who have a scout troop who would like to paint a mural at a playground, don't fret, I can help you pull it together.

Have an event your group of kids is throwing? A fundraiser your PTA needs to organize? Two special events planning options are included in the package.

I have a huge number of infamous children's book illustrators at my fingertips to have special programs and events virtually with your child. There is NO end to the possibilities of this program and how far it can reach!

You child can take as long as he/she likes to complete each project or put their nose to the grindstone and complete them in a timely fashion. Children can re-enroll as many times as they like to experience the same conscientious teaching with more projects that will inspire their hearts and encourage artistic growth.

All projects and correspondence will be done via the internet and much of the program can be tweaked specifically to your needs. This is the first time I am offering this in virtual form so those who opt to join me in this endeavor will have the benefit of helping to design the program to suit your needs.

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Art Education, a Master's in Elementary Education, 12+ years of teaching experience and a love for children that surpasses what I can put into words. Your child will learn, grow, give and bless! How awesome is that!

If you are interested in this program, please leave your email address in the comments and I will send you a more detailed list of projects and program pricing.



Dana Reiff said...

Sally N said...

ok...let the creativity begin! jack will love this!

Anonymous said...

Interested in more info about the virtual art classes ( for my 8 year old daughter, Justine.

Tina Dymond

Ginny Williams said...

I have an in home daycare... would love to have more information.

Shellie said...

I"ll pass on the info to others, including my kids, it sounds real fun.

Anonymous said...

Are you still taking new students? I'm looking for something just like this for my daughter. Sorry, I don't want to leave my email on your website for the robots to pick up and start spamming me with.....please call me at 571-488-8007.