Monday, January 25, 2010

A day in the Ode to Mommies

I was peeking through my photo files instead of writing or going to bed at a decent time and I compiled an "Ode to Mommies!" Can't you just hear your response to the following photos? Leave your OWN comments/responses and add to the fun!
"This is your NEW time out area - stay put in the positions I have assigned you- don't move! I DON'T CARE IF YOU ARE SLIDING, CRAMPING OR YOUR BUTT HURTS!! I SAID DON'T MOVE!"
"Replace the roll? Oh no, don't's way easier to find the end from a mass of cavorting toilet paper rolls strewn on the floor!"
"You can't have the hairy lollipop until you finish your vegetables!"
"Non-toxic? Please be non-toxic! Please let green poop be the biggest side effect of this art project!"
"Where do you get this dramatic behavior? Knock it off!"
"Of course you can play with the phone, swim goggles, Daddy's favorite hat and a spoon ON the counter! Would you like to make a playdate of it? I bet little Johnny would like to swing from the ceiling fan!"
"Honey, can you bring all the RAW VEGGIES into the living room? I want to make a salad for dinner!"
"Non-toxic? Please be non-toxic! Please let purple poop be the biggest side effect of this art project!"
"And how is this cleaning up? And where are your pants? WHY IS THE BIKE IN THE HOUSE?!"
"You need to get out of your sister's clothing right now! NOW! NO MORE PINK FOR YOU!"


Have you ever had one of those days? Post some pics and let us see!

The more the merrier! Misery loves company!



zig said...

lol! i love the pics! they are too funny, they also describe my days!

Shellie said...

:)) RU sure you didn't take some of those pics at my house? I did post one pic just a while back on FB, and, if you enlarge it, you can even see the bite on one of the boy's cheek! I especially love pics 5 and 6 here, but I have to say I LOVE them all.