Thursday, November 19, 2009

GlassesUSA hooked me up!

UPDATED SALE INFORMATION!! Friday GlassesUSA is having an AMAZING Black Friday sale - 25% off ANY order. It's a one-day only sale followed by an almost as good sale on Cyber Monday (17% off any order).

I remember being a teenager and thinking it was so cool when I got my first prescription for glasses! Wearing eyeglasses was going to be SO cool! A couple years later my frames were huge compared the the latest styles and I never had time to go get new frames...picking them out took a lot of time and I just didn't have that kind of time. I stopped wearing them.

As a mom, I NEED my prescription glasses! The print on medicine bottles gets smaller each time I fill a prescription! So, I take the kids and go browse through the thousands of choices and can NEVER pick what I like. Distractions or no distractions, it's tricky!

I didn't think I would be able to choose eyeglass frames online. I figured I would need to see them on my face to know what I liked. But at I found a lovely pair that I HOPED and PRAYED would look good! I had just had my eyes examined so I have my new prescription (which is Greek to me).

At, your order is processed quickly, using YOUR prescription, and your glasses arrive in no time packed in their own sturdy case! And then prices...HOLY GOODNESS, they are so economical! This was a SUPERB experience!

Thanks GlassesUSA! They are awesome! I feel like a HOT MAMA in my new specs! ;) Whadda ya think?



Anonymous said...

Hot Mama!!!

Hillary said...

They look GREAT Michelle!! I love your eyeglasses look wonderful!!!

The girl with the flour in her hair said...

Hot mama indeed! Very nice! I usually wear contacts, but have glasses for "just in case". I let my son pick out my frames and I have to say, he did well!

Jess said...

It can't get any better than this.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I like much more. I have about 5 pairs of GlassesShop glasses. Really like them.