Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Protecting your eyes in the Summer...Guest Blogger and a DISCOUNT

Hey fans, we have a guest blogger today! Something I have asked for in the past but got little response.

I am excited to welcome Hillary Rubin on board today. Pour some coffee and take a peek at the wealth of information Hillary has to share with us.

Hillary, the platform is yours:

We grew up knowing that our eyes should be protected from the sun. It seems like common sense. As kids, our parents tell us "do not look directly in the sun or you will go blind!" (But imagine your mom screaming it as you look directly into the sun...) Well, here are the facts. You won't go blind. Although, it WILL cause damage. Imagine that, looking into a ball of gas will eventually cause enough damage to your eyes that you could possibly go blind! Did you know that more damage is done to your eyes with every day activities like driving or riding your bike than from looking directly into the sun? That's right! The glare from the sun on a cars hood can cause more damage to your eyes than looking right at the sun. So how do you combat it? There are three steps to lessening the damage to your eyes by wearing eyeglasses. Anti-Glare/Reflective Coating Any time you don a pair of prescription eyeglasses make sure they are covered with an anti-glare or anti-reflective coating. Both terms mean the same thing. If you are buying a new pair of eyeglasses, search online. Buying eyeglasses online will save you money in the long run and the anti-glare coating will cost A LOT less. Aside from cost, even wearing a pair of eyeglasses with this coating at the computer can help save your eyes from damage. Whether you are taking a short walk to the mail box or you are driving, protect your eyes from glare and the sun with an anti-glare coating. UV Protective Coating This seems like a no-brainer but people often forget to include a UV protective coating in their order! Sometimes people assume that if they are outside for just a minute, their eyes won't be damaged even if they are wearing prescription eyeglasses. WRONG! Even if you don't have a colored tint on your eyeglasses, you should still have a UV protective coat to ward off harmful ultraviolet A and B rays. These are the same rays can leave you sun burnt after 15 minutes in the sun, so imagine what they can do to your eyes without protection. Polarized Lenses Think sunglasses. The average pair of sunglasses at Target doesn't even have a UV filter on it much less is the lens polarized. What does polarization do? It acts as a blocker for the UV rays. With polarized lenses, your eyes aren't hit with a glare and UV light gets absorbed into the lens, protecting your eye from any damage... and they look like really cool sunglasses. My suggestions, get a better deal on polarized lenses online. They are manufactured the same way but cost a fraction of the price because most sites have low overhead. Summer should be about fun! Take on new challenges and create new adventures but make sure your eyes are protected from the hot summer sun so you can continue your journey in summers of the future! Now’s a great time to save more money too! GlassesUSA is offering a 5% discount on all orders with the code: Mommy5! WOW! Thanks Hillary for all the information!

Ladies, head on over to GlassesUSA her and take advantage of the discount!


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