Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What's a girl to do...

"Not enough time in the day." I think I have muttered this phrase three hundred and thirty times in the last three months! Whew! I honestly remember the moment I said I didn't fully grasp that concept. It was a sunny day in State College, Pennsylvania - HAPPY VALLEY as we Penn Staters call it! I sat alone on my rumpled, unmade twin bed with my legs crossed as I stared out the window at the poor unfortunate souls who had class right before dinner. I sat there waiting...for what? I am not sure. It was almost as if I expected the directions for my next course of action to fall through the dusty air duct above my head. I literally had NOTHING to do. No projects or tests to study for, no phone calls to return, no letters to write, nothing. I rolled my eyes as I threw myself backwards onto my pillows and thought, "Why do people even say that? That there is not enough time in the day?" I laid there and wondered how that could be. What in the world would be on your schedule that would literally fill up your entire day? Ridiculous. Fast forward 19 years (ugh! I hated doing that math for that one!) and three children later and I sometimes long for even a mere second that I felt was not held in the hands of someone waiting for something from me. It's quite alright, this life I lead - I chose this road and I am very happy to walk it but there are certainly days when I wish I could get lost...take the other path...the one where no one will find me, or at least it would just take them a little longer than 3.5 minutes to hunt me down. I had to laugh when I read the listing of the now infamous "ebay auction lady" also a fellow Blogspot-er... When she was interviewed on a Tampa radio station about her humorous writings the interviewer asked how her house was so quiet with six children she replied, "I locked myself in the bathroom!" She found the path less traveled that day for her moment of peace. Good for her!! I hope we all have some peace today! If you haven't been blessed by the ebay auction email click here (go to the bathroom first or you may pee a little!)

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