Sunday, June 3, 2007

Character Development...

I am working on a children's book and playing around with character development. This is Emma. She is nervous and shy and afraid of almost everything especially school. As I was deciding what her facial expression would be and how she would be dressed and what her body language would show I was thinking about how cool it is that we basically shape our children's character in the same way. We build them up by celebrating their triumphs and strengths and we support them when they struggle. As an artist puts her pencil to paper and begins a masterpiece she must know the exact pressure to apply to achieve a bold line. She must also know when to stop and let the artwork speak for itself. If we look at child rearing in this manner, we may be able to take on this Mt. Everest one step (stroke) at a time. Gently, patiently and without a doubt by relying on Jesus to work through us in shaping the most important masterpiece we will EVER create. God Bless Our Children!

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