Monday, February 5, 2007

Stolen Moments...

I have actually been in the shower and wished I had more to do, more to wash, something else to shave, just to quench my thirst for the ever-valuable alone time. I sometimes wish I had an escape hatch in my shower wall! Like a grown up version of the wardrobe that landed those children in that magical place. I know the shower may not a magical spot for everyone. It was not too long ago that I had a three year old and a two year old head-long into their own version of a WWF Smackdown on the bathroom floor while I tried to scrub off the previous day’s worth of dried applesauce and goldfish crumbs. Those were not really showers but mere pit stop rinse-offs in this race I call motherhood. How many more laps? Where the ^*%^% is that *^I%^& checkered flag? My children are older now and I can grab a moment after dinner or first thing in the morning to enjoy more than a few frantic seconds in the shower. Hot water, steam and the sound of the bathroom fan drowning out whatever may be going on the floor below at the kitchen table can sometimes resemble perfection. This is as close to magic as I get these days but it is mine…all mine! Just a few moments ago I was in the shower releasing the stresses of the day; the sibling arguments, the dog, a late husband, a baby cranky from his shots and I was inspired. I was stealing a moment while the water massaged my aching back. I slowly bent over and left my upper body hang, directing the pulsating water to my tired, lower back muscles. I was drinking in the relaxation when I heard, “Mom, what are you doing?!” There I was in a not-so-flattering pose after two kids and too many trips through the drive-thru looking at my 9 year-old son staring at me through the textured glass of our shower door. Ladies and gentlemen, the checkered flag is out! Stolen moments aren’t always times you steal for yourself, unfortunately they are sometimes moments others steal from you. My spa treatment was interrupted and I reminded myself that just a few years ago I would have paid a hefty sum of money for that many minutes in a row of alone time. Steal those moments when you can. They will rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. And if you leave a couple squares of chocolate in your shower stall, they may just qualify as sheer perfection.

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