Monday, January 22, 2007

The Whole Hullabaloo...

Have you ever had a sense that you were put on this earth to do something BIG? You know, when your mind works faster than you can type and your brain is filled with images and story lines and you see yourself on the TODAY show when you sleep...then, for goodness sake, go out and do your BIG THING! I have been a storyteller my whole life. A bright yellow school bus headed to an away game was my first stage and thirty bored cheerleaders were my audience. We all had side stitches before we said our “Hello Cheer!” I love to make people laugh and I equally love to make people think. Words are incredibly powerful tools and I can be trusted to use them wisely. Now, my children lay on my bed with their chins in the palms of their little hands waiting for me to think up the next bedtime story. My "BIG" is a worldwide giggle. I have the quirky characters to prove it! Someday soon... kids laughing everywhere! I have a sense of the Whole Hullabaloo!

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