Friday, March 2, 2012

Cinnamon Challenge - Come on!

OK! I am all done with this CINNAMON CHALLENGE thing!
Parents! PLEASE PLEASE don't let your kids do this! They can DIE doing this!

Remember the sissy tests when WE were young, the eraser of a pencil on your skin determined how TOUGH you are! The worst thing you would get was a burn and need a band-aid.

Swallowing a tablespoon of cinnamon is dangerous not only bc concentrated properties of cinnamon... are used as poisons and pesticides to deter pests from farmland but also bc the seemingly innocent spice sucks all of the moisture out of the mouth and throat which causes it to be IMPOSSIBLE to swallow or cough the congealed mass out of your throat which can quickly cause asphyxiation.

Do yourself a favor and hide the cinnamon until this INSANELY STUPID trend passes! I don't get it.

Recently a principal was put on leave indefinitely because she did not stop her students from trying this at school - see article HERE!

Your own children may have enough brain cells to not try this but do yourself a favor at the next sleepover and hide it from his/her friends that will try it once you head to bed.