Tuesday, February 21, 2017



It has been so long...and, yes, that's what the two or three previous posts say, too!

I am jumping back into blogging and freelancing while writing my fifth novel.

So, you can all help me by commenting and telling me what you'd like to see on MY SEMBLANCE OF SANITY....those crazy little people I used to mommy-blog about are now 19, 18 & 11.

Matthew is in college, Emily is a High School Senior and Izaiah (who is still JUST as busy as always) is in Middle School!

So, I'm wondering if we have all moved through the Mommy Blogging days or if you'd keep reading if I was still writing my day-to-day Mommy-stuff.

There are LOTS of you out there who have subscribed to this blog...would you keep reading?


Theresa Krier said...

I was thinking of you the other day. Amanda has the drawing you did for her still hanging on her bedroom wall. She will be 20 in June. I think she was 9 when you did it. Daniel will be 16 in August. His drawing isn't on the wall. Nothing is though lol. It's new drywall.

Tina said...

I was reading through my early blog posts (2007!) and found a link to your blog! My triplets are now 17 and my youngest is 15 (almost 16). I can't believe that when I started reading you they were 6 and 4!

clipping path quick said...

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